Preparing for Court: Emotional Safety Planning & Planning for Sobriety (Module 2)


Legal proceedings are often stressful for participants, whether or not they are survivors of trauma. Many survivors of domestic violence find the proceedings challenging in ways specific to the trauma they have experienced—ways that others may not be able to anticipate. At the same time, abusers may use legal proceedings as an opportunity to try and intimidate their partners. To assist legal advocates, lawyers, and survivors in preparing for court proceedings, the TILA Project has developed two scenarios, as well as a webinar, tipsheet, and worksheet on this topic.


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Name: Tipsheet: Preparing for Court Proceedings with Survivors of Domestic Violence: Tips for Civil Lawyers and Legal Advocates Type: File File/Link:
Name: Worksheet: Preparing for Court Proceedings: An Info & Work Sheet for Survivors, Legal Advocates & Lawyers Type: File File/Link: