NCDVTMH Online Repository of Trauma-Focused Interventions for Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence


The first 10 models selected for the Online Repository of Trauma-Focused Interventions for Survivors of IPV came from our updated literature review. We found 51 articles that empirically evaluated a non-pharmacological treatment or intervention with trauma-relevant outcomes that included survivors of IPV. Papers were then organized into 3 groups 1) studies of trauma interventions specifically designed for survivors of IPV; 2) trauma-focused interventions with no IPV-specific modifications, but with a sample made up exclusively of IPV participants; and 3) trauma-focused intervention with no IPV-specific modifications that included survivors of IPV in a mixed study sample of other types of trauma survivors. For the Online Repository we selected an initial 10 models from this pool of published research for which there was high quality, good evidence and/or that were innovative and/or promising.


Name Type File/Link
Name: Evaluation of a trauma-informed and gender-responsive intervention for women in drug treatment Type: File File/Link:
Name: Assessment of the efficacy of a psychological treatment for women victims of violence by their intimate male partner Type: File File/Link:
Name: The impact of community-based outreach on psychological distress and victim safety in women exposed to intimate partner abuse Type: File File/Link:
Name: Mindfulness-based stress reduction for low-income, predominantly African American women with PTSD and a history of intimate partner violence Type: File File/Link:
Name: Cognitive behavioral treatment of PTSD in residents of battered women’s shelters: Results of a randomized clinical trial Type: File File/Link:
Name: Suicidal, abused African American women’s response to a culturally informed intervention Type: File File/Link:
Name: Cognitive trauma therapy for battered women with PTSD (CTT-BW) Type: File File/Link:
Name: Reducing violence using community-based advocacy for women with abusive partners Type: File File/Link:
Name: Mothers’ AdvocateS In the Community (MOSAIC) – non-professional mentor support to reduce intimate partner violence and depression in mothers: A cluster randomised trial in primary care Type: File File/Link:
Name: Johnson, D. M., Johnson, N. L., Perez, S. K., Palmieri, P. A., & Zlotnick, C. (2016). Comparison of adding treatment of PTSD during and after shelter stay to standard care in residents of battered women’s shelters: results of a randomized clinical trial. Journal of traumatic stress, 29(4), 365-373. Type: File File/Link: