Tools for Transformation Implementation Support Guides


The organizational climate involves how it feels to work in a particular place. Policies, expectations, and both written and unwritten rules influence social interactions, emotional tone, and interpersonal relationships within an organization, all of which contribute to how it feels for staff. Guide 1 offers leaders opportunities for reflection and strategies to support staff’s capacity to do work they are committed to and feel passionate about.

Guide 2 is for DSV leaders who are considering initiating—or are already in the process of implementing—organization-wide ACRTI change initiatives. In addressing the concerns of DSV leaders, this guide serves as a roadmap for how to manage change effectively, as well as a reflection and reorientation tool for leaders whose change processes have stalled.


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Name: Tools for Transformation Implementation Support Guide 1: The Social, Emotional, and Relational Climate and Organizational Trauma Type: File File/Link:
Name: Tools for Transformation Implementation Support Guide 2: Supporting Change Leadership Type: File File/Link: