Tools for Transformation: Becoming Accessible, Culturally Responsive, and Trauma-Informed Organizations – An Organizational Reflection Toolkit


This document provides guidance on how to use the Tool and on things to consider in preparation for engaging in this type of organizational self-assessment process. This Toolkit is presented in three sections. The first provides background information needed to utilize the ACRTI Tool, including a “Before You Get Started” section that presents guidance on assessing organizational readiness and on laying the groundwork for engaging in this process. The second section is the Tool itself, which is comprised of seven focus areas. Each focus area represents a core domain for creating accessible, culturally responsive, and trauma-informed (ACRTI) services and organizations. Together, the focus areas offer an opportunity to take a comprehensive look at the organizational policies, practices, and infrastructural supports needed to implement and sustain ACRTI work. The third section, or Appendices, contain additional information and resources to support the use of the Tool, including NCDVTMH’s Integrated Framework, which provides more detail on the core perspectives and principles that form the foundation of an ACRTI approach, a glossary of key terms and definitions, and additional links and resources.

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