Cognitive trauma therapy for battered women with PTSD (CTT-BW)


Kubany, E. S., Hill, E. E., Owens, J. A., Iannce-Spencer, C., McCaig, M. A., Tremayne, K. J., et al. (2004). Cognitive trauma therapy for battered women with PTSD (CTT-BW). Journal of Consulting & Clinical Psychology, 72(1), 3-18.

Cognitive trauma therapy for battered women (CTT-BW) is a multicomponent intervention designed specifically for the treatment of PTSD in women with histories of physical and/or sexual abuse. CTT-BW emphasizes the role of inaccurate beliefs, guilt, and shame in maintaining PTSD. To develop CTT-BW, Kubany consulted with advocates and women who had experienced intimate partner violence and built upon existing cognitive-behavioral techniques for treating PTSD such as psychoeducation, stress management training, and discussion of the trauma history as part of therapy. Additional procedures were designed to assess and modify guilt-related beliefs and monitor and reduce negative self-talk. Treatment modules included for survivors included self-advocacy, empowerment, managing unwanted contacts by former abusive partners, communication skills, and skills for identifying risk factors for potential perpetrators. The 8-11 session individual treatment was delivered in 1.5-hour sessions.

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